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Get the good night's
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Gentle Sleep Coaching for Infants & Children

Offering sleep coaching for parents who dream of more sleep and easy, stress-free bedtimes for their children.



My name is Christina Lubrano. I am a Gentle Sleep Educator, a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, and a mom of three boys, who loves to help exhausted families get the much-needed rest and sleep they need!

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Sleep Consulting with Christina

My goal is to help sleepy babies - and tired parents! - get the rest they need. By taking a look at your child's sleep patterns, their sleep environment, routines, and bedtimes, I will come up with a customized plan to get you to sleep-filled nights in no-time!

What I will do for you:

Sleep Patterns


Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule



Family Support

Support via Phone,

E-mail, or Text

Thanks to Christina's help, with our first child, we no longer know what a sleepless night means. He sleeps a lot and is, therefore, always happy and smiling.

He has a precise routine which is also reflected in the life between my husband and myself, making everything easier.

Valentina A.

Dear mothers, I finally found Christina who, with her advice, literally SAVED OUR LIVES, in fact after months of desperation because our little one did not want to sleep, we contacted her and she promptly replied!
Her precious tips to help our little one sleep were a "godsend", in fact after a very short time, our baby now sleeps peacefully all night! I'd say it is a miracle! My husband and I were desperate, now we are happy and satisfied. We recommend all parents who face sleep problems with their child to contact this special sleep consultant named Christina!

Our son is a child who has always had difficulty falling asleep with many night wakings ... eventually ending up in bed with mom and dad too! Tired of everything, we turned to Christina, sleep consultant, who solved all our problems and now we all have better rest! We will never stop thanking Christina!

Maria Assunta N.

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